Duke Williams

Duke Williams

Duke Williams is founder of Simply Easier Payments, the leading no-cost total payment solution partner for insurance and other industries accepting mobile or online payments. Providing a one-stop credit card payment processing solution designed especially for insurance agencies, brokers and carriers, the company offers a hassle-free experience without the high fees other providers charge, and it’s 100% compliant in all 50 states in the U.S.

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Answer This Before Taking Online Payment

If your customers go to your website to pay, and you use a third-party vendor to process the payment, whom are they paying: You or the vendor? The answer to this deceptively simple question can determine whether your business handles online payments smoothly or runs afoul of state laws, landing you in legal hot water. […]

7 Questions on Taking Online Payments

When American consumers go to pay their bills, they prefer going online to mailing a check because going online is simple. But for the businesses, it’s not quite as easy. Here’s some advice. One reason online payments are so complicated is that eight players are involved. There’s the cardholder, the credit card company, the merchant, […]

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