Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards

Drew Edwards is the chief executive officer of Ingo Money, a company he founded in 2001, which has become a leading provider of moving money instantly for businesses and consumers.

Prior to founding Ingo Money, Edwards founded and served as chief executive officer and chairman of Towne Services, a publicly traded e-commerce company providing solutions for over 1,000 financial institutions. He previously held management positions with the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bankers Bank in Atlanta and served on the board of Skylight Financial, one of the nation’s first payroll card companies, now owned by TSYS.

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For policy holders, the claims process can be incredibly frustrating – and it is easy to see why. Having your claim approved is one thing, but then actually getting the money owed often proves to be another monster task in and of itself. An Accenture study found that 83% of customers who felt dissatisfied with […]

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The insurance industry has a last-mile issue. Insurers have known it for quite some time, and policyholders are quickly catching on. For consumers, the claims process is a critical moment – the one that often matters the most. Faced with the prospect of loss, they demand an experience that is speedy, familiar and customized to […]

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