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Drew Aldrich

Drew Aldrich

Drew Aldrich is a senior associate at AXA Strategic Ventures, a $250 million venture capital firm focused on early-stage companies. He co-founded and led CalendarFly.com, an education technology company, and has been an active member in the NYC start-up community since 2008. As a founder of the Burgerator Burger Club, he is a recognized “expert” on where to find the best burger in NYC.

Aldrich also has a deep finance background, getting his start in foreign exchange and analysis of esoteric structured finance products. He has led publicly traded restructurings, capital raising and partnership negotiations on three continents: North America (U.S. and Canada), Asia (China and Hong Kong) and Europe (France).

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The New Age of Insurance Aggregators

Tech innovation is coming to insurance, but where and when it strikes is uneven.  Auto and health insurance have been facing serious disruption, for instance, but for very different reasons (self-driving cars and telematics, vs. the ACA and hospital mega-mergers). Life insurance and commercial P&C are only now feeling disruption. Reinsurance and annuities are following behind. To see […]

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