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Doug Mohr

Doug Mohr

Doug Mohr is the vice president of industry relations and partnerships at Vertafore. He joined Vertafore 8 1/2 years ago to start and lead a group of subject matter experts that provide presentations on the entire Vertafore suite of solutions to customers and prospects in support of the sales team. Mohr ran the solution consulting team at Vertafore for eight years before moving into his current role.

Mohr brings more than 20 years of software experience, having worked at companies that provide solutions to a variety of industries, including insurance, healthcare, apparel, professional services, high tech and manufacturing.

Recent Articles by Doug Mohr

Post-Pandemic: 4 Tips for Independent Agents

There is a stretch of road yet to travel—but at long last the post-pandemic world is coming into view. As vaccine distribution accelerates and case counts drop, independent agents are contemplating what the future will look like. While it surely won’t be identical to the pre-pandemic business environment, there is room for optimism.  Technology will […]

Insurtech 2020: Trends That Offer Growth

The insurance industry has undergone a transformation over the past five years. Once manual and paper-based, insurance professionals now recognize the overwhelmingly positive impact technology has had on efficiency and customer relationships. We can expect the acceleration of tech-enabled customer experiences that promote dynamic customer interactions and empower the insurance industry to deliver tailored solutions […]

5 Reasons to Stress API Integration

Historically, most independent insurance agencies have been slow to adopt new technologies, instead relying on their personal service to clients to differentiate themselves in the market. While it’s true that trusting an agent who has your security, protection and best interests at heart is a huge part of what makes the independent agent extremely valuable, customer […]

Using Technology to Enhance Your Agency

Today’s insurance marketplace is crowded – and for good reason. Global investment in insurtech surged in 2017, with North America accounting for $1.24 billion in deals. Innovative solution providers with dollar signs in their eyes have emerged in every category of the industry, from health insurance to cybercrime. Furthermore, according to McKinsey, 61% of insurtechs surveyed said […]

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