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Donna Peeples

Donna Peeples

Donna Peeples is chief customer officer at Pypestream, which enables companies to deliver exceptional customer service using real-time mobile chatbot technology. She was previously chief customer experience officer at AIG.

She is an accomplished senior executive with extensive P&L responsibility and verifiable results in a variety of industries and global markets. Peeples is a versatile strategist who combines her keen market sense and strong orientation in top-line growth and negotiations with her experience, entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen to transform innovative ideas into profits. A master communicator, Peeples works to define business objectives and articulate the corporate vision in a way that inspires imagination and compels action throughout the organization. Whether managing cost, influencing the top line or creating vibrant and productive partnerships, her focus is on blending business strategy with creativity – touching the heart and moving the mind. The result is: true paradigm shifts, sustainable change and the achievement of overall business objectives.

What sets Peeples apart is that she has charted her path by rising through a variety of leadership, operational and revenue-generating roles in highly regulated and uniquely challenging industries. Time and again, in financial services, energy as well as original equipment manufacturing, she has introduced category-changing thinking while guiding purposeful and adaptable practices with positive results for customers and profitable returns for her companies.

Recent Articles by Donna Peeples

5 Key Customer Experience Trends

2017 is going to be a transformative year in many ways but none more so than in the business-consumer relationship. The way in which these two entities connect and interact is undergoing a massive overhaul. Most importantly, the communication now flows both ways. The days of a one-way monologue, at the customer, are over. Instead, […]

How to Reinvent Call Centers

The landscape for customer service is changing. New platforms are emerging that change how consumers seek service and engage with brands. In doing so, these platforms are disrupting the traditional call center model. Today’s call centers range from the ancient and decrepit to the ultra-modern and technologically streamlined. Despite the differences in capability, though, they […]

How to Exceed Customer Expectations

So much is said these days about enhancing the customer experience, “delighting” customers and delivering customer service that goes “above and beyond.” For large enterprises, particularly in the insurance industry, this focus on customer experience is fast becoming a key competitive differentiator. Disruptors in the e-commerce, retail and hospitality industries have set the standard for […]

4 Hot Spots for Innovation in Insurance

These days, consumers have the control — they’re empowered by new technology and spoiled for choice. There are new rules of engagement for businesses and providers in every sector. We can no longer live inside the safety of our own industry verticals, comparing ourselves with those we think of as the competition. All companies now […]

Mobile Messaging: How to Meet Rules

Insurance companies face numerous state, federal and international regulatory obligations with customer communications and relationship management. Failure to comply can be costly to reputations and bottom lines. In fact, the vast amounts of personal and sensitive data require businesses in the insurance, financial services and other highly regulated sectors by law to archive electronic messages […]

How Chatbots Change Open Enrollment

As mobile messaging becomes an increasingly popular channel to gain instant access to information, several messaging platforms such as Facebook now allow businesses and brands to develop chatbots. These digital assistants simulate conversations with humans and can expedite customer service and sales. Chatbots will play a particularly important role in the insurance industry as companies look […]

What Do Bots Mean for Insurance?

As customers increasingly demand a better experience when they interact with companies, including insurers, help is coming from a counterintuitive source. It turns out that one of the best ways to be more personal is through… robots. More precisely, the answer is turning out to be chat robots, or “chatbots.” People don’t like having to […]

What Is the Future for Drones?

In 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced to the world that the online retailer would begin to develop a “drone-to-door” delivery service for its loyal customers. Dubbed Amazon Prime Air, the system would deliver packages directly to your doorstep in just 30 minutes after an order is placed, setting a new and higher bar for […]

The Era of Free Agent Employees

Where does a company brand begin and end? Does it embrace the employees — people who are the brand — or suffocate them? More and more, I’m being asked by people — in both the corporate sphere, among those trying to control the brand perception, and by individuals attempting to expand their own platform and […]

‘Age of the Customer’ Demands Change

The music industry is in chaos. It’s a dinosaur stuck in the tar of old vinyl. Musicians are no longer knocking on record labels’ doors, asking to get their album out there. Consumers are no longer buying their music from record stores. And, with Taylor Swift withdrawing her entire catalog from Spotify, things get even […]

Convenience, Meet Technology — 4 Steps

With technology rapidly changing, customers now expect simple, fast transactions from companies. These expectations have helped create a one-click-to-buy world, further changing not just how, but why and where, we spend our hard-earned money. On-the-Go Shopping Goes State-of-the-Art  A case in point is multinational grocer Tesco, based in the UK, Known in Korean markets as Homeplus, […]

Stop Drowning in Big Data; Use It Right

What’s the big deal about big data? Big data is an enormously appealing subject these days. However, many companies miss the big picture when collecting it — or drowning in it. There is an idea that the more data, the better. In fact, the focus should be on determining the right data to help improve the overall […]

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