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Denise Olivares

Denise Olivares

Denise Olivares is an accomplished product and marketing executive with global experience and proven results working for healthcare, insurance and data organizations including CIGNA and LexisNexis. As a leader in strategic planning, innovation activities, product development and data analytics Olivares is driven to succeed in go to market execution, change management, sales and profit growth. Denise is currently consulting with Windy Hill Group.

Olivares earned BAs in public policy and economics from Duke University. A certified chartered financial consultant (ChFC) and chartered life underwriter (CLU), she holds life and health insurance licenses and serves as a member of the LOMA textbook review panel.

Recent Articles by Denise Olivares

Tapping Into Life, Health Innovation

Life and health insurance carriers place a high priority on innovation. In the International Insurance Society’s 2020 Global Concerns Survey, innovation was ranked as even more important than any other issue, including the implications of COVID-19 and cybersecurity. This was true across Asia–Pacific, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) and North America. Unfortunately, only 35% […]

Do Health Plans Have the Right Data?

Today, health plans (also referred to as payers) are busier than ever. They strive to deliver efficiency, great customer and stakeholder experiences and improve care outcomes. To do this, they need to use more data, and they have much data at their disposal. But what are they missing? They can be missing key patient information; that is, they […]

How AI Can Drive Clinical Insights

In the healthcare industry, the strides from machine learning and artificial intelligence have been exciting. And because the nature of underwriting in healthcare relies so heavily on member information and huge volumes of data, the potential of leveraging AI and machine learning in determining underwriting risk cannot be ignored. What could make the equation for a better […]

Turning Data Into Action

Over the past decade, insurers have focused heavily on improving the customer’s journey. This task can be particularly challenging because a customer’s engagement with them could be as little as one annual wellness visit with no other claims for that year. In an effort to create engagement and build loyalty while working toward better health […]

The 3 Ways to Customer Retention

While life insurance used to be one of many Americans’ most important financial assets, a host of changes—economic, social and cultural—have caused it to become a lower priority. Customers’ top two reasons: that life insurance is too expensive, and that they have other financial priorities. Given the difficulty of acquiring new customers, it is imperative […]

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