David Squibb

David Squibb

David Squibb is the chief sales and marketing officer of Xpertdoc Technologies, a leader in the CXM/CCM technology industry.

He has extensive experience in sales, marketing, account management and P&L operations, which have helped him lead a highly successful $38 million software and professional service business.

At Xpertdoc, named as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada by Profit 500, Squibb leads a team of top sales and marketing professionals, which help companies that are focused on growth and client retention to leverage their wealth of client data to more effectively communicate with their customers

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Customer experience (CX) has become the lifeblood of nearly every industry in the world. Carriers that once sidelined it in favor of other internal aspects of their business have come to realize that positive and expedient customer interaction is integral to maintaining customer relationships and building new ones. While there are a myriad of ways […]

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