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David Hom

David Hom

David Hom is chief evangelist for SCIO. He interacts with strategic audiences with precise messaging of the value proposition of SCIO’s innovative products and services and engages clients to solve their impending issues.

He enables strategic relationships with key partner companies by understanding their needs based on the changing healthcare landscape. This, in turn, provides immediate feedback to SCIO’s product development and delivery team on new ideas.

Hom is an internationally recognized expert in the field of consumer engagement through programs such as value-based benefits and employee wellness.

He joined SCIO Health Analytics in 2009 after more than 25 years with Pitney-Bowes, where he was responsible for introducing their leading-edge programs in value-based wellness and responsible for reducing medical trend by 50% of the industry average each year for 15 years. Hom has been a visionary at SCIO and has built SCIO’s leading products on behavioral economics applications for many health plans and a technology-enabled solution to engage members based on the gap value and its impact on avoidable hospital events.

Hom has co-written two leading books on value-based designs, which have been read by more than 250,000 benefit and health plan executives. He also co-founded a nonprofit company in 2007.

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