David Dye

David Dye

David Dye helps leaders achieve breakthrough results without losing their soul. He is a keynote leadership speaker, a trainer and one of the award-winning authors of Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul. Dye is a former executive, elected official and president of Let’s Grow Leaders, their leadership training and consulting firm.

Recent Articles by David Dye

Why Bother? (and Other Bad Thinking)

Have you ever heard yourself saying those words? “Why bother speaking up? It won’t do any good.” Or, “I’ve tried speaking up in the past, and no one cared.” Or, “Speaking up isn’t valued around here. I’ll just keep my head down and do my job.” I hear you. It’s easy to let past experiences jade us […]

5 Ways to Build Team Capacity to Think

“Karin, TRUST me. I would LOVE to delegate more of these decisions and loosen up the reins, but then I go out into the field and find all this junk. I just don’t think we have the critical thinking skills we need for success.” Have you ever said those words? Yeah, me too. Can you imagine the […]

4 Ugly Conversations to Have by Year-End

Late in the year is a great time for recognition, celebration, white elephant gifts and other fun. Yes, yes, please do all that, but don’t stop there. The best holiday gift you can give your team is to “own the ugly.” To help your team have the tough conversations they’re longing to have; to stare […]

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