David Disiere

David Disiere

David Disiere is founder and CEO of QEO Insurance Group, an agency that provides commercial transportation insurance to clients throughout the U.S.

He has long been concerned with the lack of a clearly defined program or training road map for individuals who want to enter the insurance industry. Although aspirants can graduate from business school with the goal of joining the industry, they largely are left to fend for themselves when it comes to getting licensed and starting work.

Recent Articles by David Disiere

Where the Profits Are in Commercial Auto

With more vehicles on the road and less experienced drivers operating them, insurers are rushing to compensate for the increasing lack of profitability of commercial auto insurance lines. According to a report from Insurance Journal, two major carriers have closed their doors in the past decade, and some accounts have increased prices by 30%. Experts […]

Are Insurers at Risk of Becoming Obsolete?

Most insurance companies understand that the industry has a looming obstacle to overcome, but they are not doing anything to prepare for this shift. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey suggests that 74% of insurers view financial technology innovations as a challenge. While they might understand the potential of fintech, only 28% of industry players are working to collaborate […]

Time to Formalize Insurance Career Path

An industry cannot thrive without new ideas and talented people to lead it into the future. That’s why I believe there must be an educational program for individuals entering the insurance business. It has become increasingly evident over the past several years that we’re confronting the twin problems of an aging workforce and a dearth […]

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