David Covington

David Covington

David Covington, LPC, MBA is CEO and president of RI International, a partner in Behavioral Health Link, co-founder of CrisisTech 360, and leads the international initiatives “Crisis Now” and “Zero Suicide.” He is an acclaimed global speaker and blogger. Previously, he served as vice president at Magellan Health and was responsible for the $750 million per year contract with Arizona Medicaid.

Covington is the president-elect of the American Association of Suicidology. He is a licensed professional counselor and has an MBA from Kennesaw State and a master’s of science from the University of Memphis. His personal achievements include the 2008 Boston marathon and 2013 Fear Factor.

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Suicide and the Perspective of Truth

Let’s talk about an obvious truth: Suicide is a choice, unlike cancer. People with cancer don’t make a conscious choice; they don’t take a deliberate action. But people commit suicide. Over the last two years, two beloved actors died. We offered genuine respect and love to Alan Rickman, who, it was said, succumbed to cancer. “He […]

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