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David Berg

David Berg is co-founder and chairman of the board of Redirect Health. He helps oversee operations and develops innovative ways to enhance the company’s processes and procedures for identifying the most cost-efficient, high-quality routes for common healthcare needs.

In addition to leading Redirect Health, Berg co-founded Arrowhead Health Centers, a comprehensive and integrated network of patient centered medical homes (NCQA Level 3) and surgery centers that the Osteoarthritis Centers of America exclusively selected to be its national training site. Numerous specialties are integrated into one cohesive healthcare experience including family practice, pain and injury management, rehabilitation, chiropractic, orthopedics, podiatry, cardiology, and laboratory, radiology and other diagnostic testing.

After years of operating multi-specialty healthcare practices in Toronto, Canada, Berg relocated to Phoenix and founded Arrowhead Health Centers in 1997. Here, he and his wife, Redirect Health Co-founder Dr. Janice Johnston, put a new healthcare vision to the test. After witnessing evolutions in the industry significantly contributing to rising costs and poorer outcomes, he implemented a new model focused on redirecting resources that were utilized on non-value-adding waste and administration so patients and employers could save time and money.

Not only did this new model increase patient satisfaction, but as a business owner, Berg identified a more affordable and convenient way to provide his own employees with healthcare benefits at about a third of the market rate. The business, technological and clinical efficiencies that he developed enabled him to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee healthcare costs per year – money he was able to reinvest to grow the business. This was particularly useful during the Great Recession when many other businesses struggled. Recognizing the value of this model and the potential benefit to entrepreneurial businesses nationwide, he co-founded Redirect Health in 2013 so other companies could experience the same benefits.

Berg’s healthcare vision has inspired other clinics across the nation to adopt his philosophies and integrate them into their own practices. He regularly hosts training sessions with business owners, principals and administrators to help other healthcare practices streamline operations and costs while improving clinical outcome quality.

Berg majored in physics and biology at the University of Toronto before earning his Doctor of chiropractic degree in 1990. While in Toronto, Canada, he managed a hospital-based, multi-disciplinary physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic that utilized chiropractic medicine in conjunction with traditional allopathic medicine, physical therapy and work hardening. It was the first of its kind in Canada.

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