Dave Stair

Dave Stair

Dave Stair is the director of insurance payment solutions for DataPath. With nearly two decades of experience in the workers’ compensation industry in sales and consulting, Stair has an extensive track record helping workers’ compensation payers manage and control claim costs.

At DataPath, Stair works closely with clients on streamlining the workers’ compensation revenue cycle to ensure injured workers and providers receive faster, more secure payments. Stair played a critical role in the development of RenewCard and DataPath’s provider payments solution and continues to ensure they continue to set the standard in the marketplace.

Recent Articles by Dave Stair

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The ’80s — Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” blaring from car stereos; Back to the Future taking the country by storm; and who could forget velour track suits? While most of the world has moved on from big hair and parachute pants, many of today’s most widely used workers’ compensation payment processes are as outdated as […]

Solution to High-Cost Indemnity Payments?

We’ve all experienced it – the jigsaw puzzle scattered across the kitchen table. Each time we walk by, we’re tempted by the loose pieces. The family rivalry of who will solve the puzzle continues, as weeks go by trying to complete the 1,000-piece brain buster. For payers, solving the indemnity payment puzzle in the quickly […]

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