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Dan Munro

Dan Munro

Dan Munro is a writer and speaker on the topic of healthcare. First appearing in Forbes as a contributor in 2012, Munro has written for a wide range of global brands and print publications. His first book – Casino Healthcare – was just published, and he is a “Top Writer” (four consecutive years) on the globally popular Q&A site known as Quora.

Munro is a regular speaker and moderator at leading industry events including the Digital Health Summit, Our Future Health, AHIP and SAS and via online events hosted by industry sponsors like Dell, Xerox, and TEDMED.

Munro graduated from the International School of Brussels before completing undergraduate degrees in computer science and communications (with a minor in journalism) at the University of Redlands.

Recent Articles by Dan Munro

10 Reasons Healthcare Won’t Be Disrupted

Earlier this year, industry titans Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase (ABC) announced a partnership that would incubate a separate, non-profit entity aimed squarely at healthcare. Given the seed stage of the collaboration, the announcement was necessarily vague, but it did refer to an intent to address healthcare for their employees, improve employee satisfaction […]

‘Single-Payer’: the Wrong Debate

Once again, our healthcare reform is mired in muck. That means we’re knee-deep and grinding away at our circular healthcare debate, but it’s really a big distraction. It’s the wrong debate. We keep debating the math of coverage and cost as if they’re independent of system design — and they aren’t. As Senate Majority Leader […]

U.S. Healthcare Actually Isn’t Broken

The header image was part of an article by Bloomberg that was written more than two years ago (May 2014). The data itself goes back nine years. Mylan’s price gouging was front and center recently, this week, but the gouging issue has been percolating for years. It has erupted before, and it will erupt again. Everyone’s squawking, and […]

Big Disruption That Just Hit Healthcare

The event drew little fanfare and scant attention last week, but it still rocked the healthcare world. The headline I wrote for Forbes was an attempt to capture the full effect, but headlines are tough that way. On the one hand, you have to grab a reader quickly. On the other, headlines have to be […]

Are U.S. Doctors Overpaid? Yes, but. . .

Funny: If you ask a doctor if she’s overpaid, you’ll get a long-winded answer largely around an emphatic “no.” The real answer is a much more nuanced “yes” — and is summarized every year in this one chart: The why of this chart isn’t some big mystery. I’ve written about it very directly here: Med Student […]

There Is No ‘Free’ Healthcare in U.S.

There is no such thing as “free” healthcare in the U.S. There are people who access healthcare at low (sometimes even no) cost, but the people delivering the service aren’t providing it for free, or, if they are, it’s an ad-hoc charitable donation. There is one exception that I know of, but the clinics typically only run over weekends […]

Mini Meds For Maxi Greed

Within a certain part of Italy that mints its own coins and has a standing army outfitted in designer togs from Michelangelo, when one makes a mistake, the correct and only exclamation is Mea Culpa. Well actually it’s more like Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa — but even Italians are known to abbreviate […]

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