Daniel Mayer

Daniel Mayer

Daniel Mayer is a a French-American dual national with 20 years international experience in product management and strategic marketing across the IT value chain. His passion is in crossing the chasm by helping organizations adopt emerging technologies and leverage them for strategic impact.

For the last two years, Mayer has been CEO of Expert System Enterprise, a software company that combines the power of language and technology to transform your ability to use unstructured content.

Prior to that, Mayer worked as VP of product marketing for Temis, the leading provider of text analytics software. With several other pioneers, Temis defined the category of semantic enrichment platforms, now a key component of the cognitive computing ecosystem. After joining as a product marketing manager, Mayer took charge of marketing in 2011 and product management and development in early 2014. Temis was acquired by Expert System in late 2015.

Mayer has worked with text analytics, a subsegment of cognitive computing, that has been successfully adopted in life sciences, publishing, financial services and manufacturing to deliver significant productivity gains and improved decision-making in all business functions.

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