Dan Epstein

Dan Epstein

Dan Epstein has always been fascinated by the possibilities of applying novel ideas and processes to inefficient markets. In 1999, he founded a business association whose mission was to help technology startups gain market traction. In 2005, he got to try it for himself as CEO of ReSource Pro, where he is working to reimagine the way insurance organizations deliver services. Epstein has led ReSource Pro from start-up to nearly 3,000 employees.

From his early days as a music scholar, Epstein’s resumé includes an MBA from Columbia Business School, a master’s degree in international relations from the London School of Economics, military service in Israel, a stint for a U.S. congressman in Washington D.C., and several stand-up comedy gigs in New York City.

Reflecting his passion for understanding global trends in business, economics and society, Epstein was recently the vice chair of the board of the World Future Society.

Recent Articles by Dan Epstein

The Future Isn’t Just for Insurtech

This article originally ran here, at Insurance Journal. Insurtech was once the Wild West of the insurance industry. Many of insurtech’s early players came from outside insurance after observing the industry struggle to deliver what was, in their view, a competitive customer experience. Led by ambitious entrepreneurs from outside insurance, backed by Silicon Valley and […]

Preparing for Future Disruption…

“The future is here, it’s just not very evenly distributed.” — William Gibson In his 2003 book, “The Slow Pace of Fast Change,” author Bhaskar Chakravorti highlighted how powerful innovations in technology and business often suffer slow adoption. He illustrated how, in a networked world, individuals, companies and regulators are all interacting, watching each other, […]

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