Dan Burns

Dan Burns

Dan Burns is the president of PFS. Burns is responsible for leading the team of colleagues in strategy and execution, developing global carrier partnerships and developing innovative products. More specifically, he is credited with developing partnerships with global insurance companies, which allow PFS to underwrite on their behalf for more than $100 million of risk on a single individual in virtually every profession. These strategic partnerships have led to the creation of the disability products used by MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour, WTA and NASCAR.

Burns was also instrumental in designing the product and rating structure for PFS’ high-limit disability coverage for large and small corporations, law firms, accounting firms, physicians and entertainers. In addition, he led the team that developed more than a dozen new league-wide programs and the first-ever critical injury insurance program, which covers players against specific severe injuries.

Burns is a graduate of Georgetown University, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in economics.

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