Dalene Bartholomew

Dalene Bartholomew

Dalene Bartholomew is an insurance fraud specialist, investigative training expert, recognized speaker and author. Bartholomew, CFE, CIFI, is vice president with Probe Information Services, a certified fraud examiner, certified insurance fraud investigator, licensed investigator and workers’ compensation fraud authority.

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Bridezilla and Workers’ Comp Fraud

In a high-profile case that highlights the potential for insurance fraud, a Los Angeles woman who was featured in Season 4 of the “Bridezillas” television series pleaded no contest to 14 counts of submitting fraudulent documents and making false claims to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Anita Maxwell, 55, was sentenced to one day in county […]

10 Tools to Cut Workers’ Comp Costs

1. Implement a fraud-abatement program Employee education helps defer fraud, so creating a fraud abatement campaign that fits for your industry and includes education of employees can have a significant impact on the number of questionable claims filed. Communicate regularly with your employees about workers’ compensation and eliminate misconceptions by explaining what it is and […]

Tools for Fighting Fraud Come of Age

Insurance fraud, that ever-present nemesis of claims professionals, has a new opponent. A technology triple threat—the Internet, extensive and accessible databases and the pervasiveness of social media—has come of age, and the result is an increased exposure of workers’ compensation fraud and a rise in prosecutions. As with many industries, the tools used in fighting […]

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