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CyberCube (sponsored content)

CyberCube delivers the world’s leading cyber risk analytics for the insurance industry. With best-in-class data access and advanced multi-disciplinary analytics, the company’s Software-as-a-Service platform helps (re)insurance organizations make better decisions when advising clients on the financial impact of cyber risk, underwriting individual risks or managing cyber risk aggregation. CyberCube’s enterprise intelligence layer provides insights on millions of companies globally and includes modeling on thousands of points of technology failure.

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Cyber Risk Impact of Working From Home

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the resultant move to widespread homeworking has created vulnerabilities for criminals to exploit. Homeworking has exposed new access points for cyber criminals to gain entry to corporate systems, including domestic PCs, laptops and Wi-Fi routers. Homeworking has also led to a diminution in employees’ distinction between work and personal emails, […]

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