Cory Crosland

Cory Crosland

Cory Crosland is the CEO of Croscon, a digital product studio in NYC. Croscon works with big thinkers in insurance to grow and streamline their programs through digital transformation.

For the past 10 years, Croscon has been sought after by leaders like Google, Soundcloud, NASA and many startups to design and build products that differentiate and drive competitive advantage.

Recent Articles by Cory Crosland

Is There a Future for MGAs?

The insurance industry is one of the oldest and most straightforward businesses in the world. It’s a numbers game. Risk gets calculated, quantified and priced. If the odds work out, the house always wins. Anything is insurable as long as it’s measurable. In the insurance world, MGAs (managing general agents) partner with carriers to manage programs, […]

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