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Colin Baird

Colin Baird

Colin Baird provides Kaizen training to improve operational efficiency (lean manufacturing) programs. A speaker as well as a writer, his articles on continuous improvement appear frequently in Chief Executive magazine, CEO.Com, Leadership Excellence and Public Sector Digest.

Baird is trained in lean sigma under a lean master sensei. Baird spent five years studying the 14 management principles and five deadly diseases developed through Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Baird is also a 20-year veteran within the workers’ compensation industry.

Recent Articles by Colin Baird

Better Way to Think About Leadership

In “Colin’s Kaizen Corner”–a 26-part learning series, I explain the principles of kaizen, lean manufacturing and respect for people — each a cornerstone for transforming a culture, improving productivity and implementing a continuous improvement program. In addition, each week I’ll digest a principle of kaizen to achieve these outcomes, explain what we’re doing today, what […]

It’s Time to Toss ‘Rank and Yank’

When executives don’t perform well, sometimes they’re fired. But when the company’s merit rating system doesn’t improve employees, do you fire it, too? If you’re Accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme, you do. That’s right, he fired ‘rank and yank.’ There will be no more annual performance reviews at Accenture — a decision that employees wholeheartedly support, […]

New Way to Spot Loss in Workers’ Comp

You’ve heard it before, “It’s not the tip of the iceberg that cost you so much; it’s what you can’t see. It’s what’s below the water level that costs you real money.” We hear that the total loss to a company from a workers’ comp loss is six to 10 times the value of that […]

How Milton Friedman Got It Wrong

Add Nobel Prize winner, economist Milton Friedman to the list of smartest guys in the room who said, did and taught the dumbest things. Just what did Friedman say in 1970 that American leaders in 2015 have become so infatuated with? Here it is. Word for word. “When I hear businessmen speak eloquently about the […]

How to Apply ‘Lean’ to Insurance

If you’re like many employers, you say you run your business in this order: people first, process second and profit last. But for employees and customers alike, they feel as if it’s: profit first, process second, then people last. With 60% to 70% of your employees disengaged, it’s not time to change the way they […]

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