Clark Schweers

Clark Schweers

Clark Schweers, principal and leader of BDO’s forensic insurance and recovery practice, has significant experience advising organizations on the quantification and compilation of complex insurance claims for insured businesses.

He works closely with management to develop strategies for timely and successful claims resolution, having facilitated more than $5 billion in recoveries. Schweers’s industry experience includes consumer and retail products, hospitality, technology and life sciences, manufacturing, financial services and automotive sectors.

Recent Articles by Clark Schweers

5 Tips for Filing a Post-Disaster Claim

When disaster strikes, organizations can face significant losses—not only from damage to physical property but also from the business interruption caused by the event. Here are five key tips to keep in mind when filing an insurance claim after a disaster: Disaster Response Checklist: 1. Communicate with employees and external stakeholders. Following the activation of an emergency […]

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