Chunka Mui

Chunka Mui

Chunka Mui is the co-author of the best-selling Unleashing the Killer App: Digital Strategies for Market Dominance, which in 2005 the Wall Street Journal named one of the five best books on business and the Internet. He also cowrote Billion Dollar Lessons: What You Can Learn from the Most Inexcusable Business Failures of the Last 25 Years. The Globe and Mail named that book the best business book of 2008. Inc. magazine called it one of the best books of 2008. In addition, he cowrote The New Killer Apps: Why Large Companies Should Out-Innovate Start-Ups and Driverless Cars: Trillions Are Up for Grabs. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes.

Chunka is an adviser and frequent speaker on strategy and innovation. A longtime consultant — at Accenture, Index and Diamond Management & Technology Partners, where he was chief innovation officer — he is managing director of the Devil’s Advocate Group, where he helps organizations design and stress test their innovation strategies. For speaking engagements, Chunka is exclusively represented by the BrightSight Group.

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15 Hurdles to Scaling for Driverless Cars

Will the future of driverless cars rhyme with the history of the Segway? The Segway personal transporter was also predicted to revolutionize transportation. Steve Jobs gushed that cities would be redesigned around the device. John Doerr said it would be bigger than the internet. The Segway worked technically but never lived up to its backers’ outsized hopes for market impact. Instead, the Segway was […]

Singapore: First Mover for Driverless Cars

When it comes to driverless cars, I argue in a recent article, the appropriate first-mover unit of innovation is not the car, or even the car company. It is the nation. That’s because further development and deployment of this technology is now very much dependent on a tangled web of competitive, policy, regulatory, licensing and […]

Why GM Must Beat Google in Driverless

Mary Barra’s historic appointment as General Motors;  CEO was almost immediately mired by the firestorm over the Chevy Cobalt’s faulty ignition switches. To her credit, Barra has dealt well with the crisis. But preventing future tragedies only helps GM recover lost ground. Barra now needs to define a forward-looking leadership agenda. That agenda should include the biggest technological disruption that Barra […]

Driverless Car (Part 5): Many Disruptions Loom

Series Conclusion Think back to the transition from horses to cars and note that cars were initially called “horseless carriages.” Cars were defined by what they didn’t have, just as the “driverless car” is being defined by what is being removed from the equation. But doing away with the need for horses did much more […]

Driverless Car (Part 4): Will Insurers Survive?

Before concluding this series on driverless cars, I’m going to take a detour and use this column to delve into the cars’ potential impact on the auto insurance industry. While I’ve already mentioned the issues in passing, they are starker and more imminent than most realize and deserve a deeper look. The doomsday scenario is […]

Driverless Car (Part 3): Sooner Than You Think

In 2008, a state-of-the-art driverless car could go two blocks on its own on a closed course at 25mph. By 2012, the driverless car could operate in real-world conditions at 75mph. Such rapid progress offers great hope that the tremendous benefits in safety and savings I laid out in Part 1 of this series are attainable. The […]

Driverless Cars (Part 2): the Ripple Effects

While Part 1 of this series laid out the significant benefits in safety and savings that could come from a driverless car, there is an old saying: One man’s savings are another man’s lost revenue. At the same time, the driverless car will create enormously lucrative business opportunities to serve new customer needs. I’ll turn […]

Fasten Your Seatbelts: Driverless Cars Change Everything (Part 1)

In fact, the driverless car has broad implications for society, for the economy and for individual businesses. Just in the U.S., the car puts up for grab some $2 trillion a year in revenue and even more market cap. It creates business opportunities that dwarf Google’s current search-based business and unleashes existential challenges to market […]

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