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Chuck Sherrod

Chuck Sherrod

As the president and founder of NetErgonomics, Dr. Chuck Sherrod had a vision to start a company that focused on preventative health services with the domain expertise in the health promotion or wellness and ergonomics fields, by making it available and affordable to all workplace settings with the most recently researched assessment and intervention modalities. He is also the director of the Ergonomics Institute at Life West, where he teaches, writes, and conducts research.

NetErgonomics (formerly OccuCom) was established in 1991 to develop a holistic approach to wellness in the workplace through applied ergonomics in solving the simplest to the most complex work environment needs of your company. It is now accepted in both the scientific and business communities that comprehensive health promotion (wellness) and good ergonomics make good economics.

The goal of NetErgonomics is to assist companies that want to save resources by investing in healthier employees and healthier workplaces rather than divesting them into healthcare costs and workers’ compensation premiums. The Occupational Health and Safety Communication Surveillance and Training System (OccuCom System) has helped clients from the private and public sectors of business in all workplace settings, such as in manufacturing, office and technical, transportation, hospitality and healthcare environments.

In the last five years, the company’s objectives have evolved to meet the regulatory and economic climate, both nationally and globally. Subsequently, the company has developed an online platform that can deliver the OccuCom System to your workplace 24/7, as well as a number of other wellness and ergonomic products.

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