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Christopher McKeon

Christopher McKeon

Christopher J. McKeon is senior vice president, head of commercial casualty and risk management for Everest Insurance. He has spent over 25 years in the insurance industry, earning a variety of underwriting and management roles of increasing responsibility.

McKeon is enrolled in Columbia University’s insurance management master’s program as a part of the inaugural class. He also holds the associate in reinsurance (ARe) and chartered property casualty underwriter (CPCU) designations.

Recent Articles by Christopher McKeon

Climate Change and Product Liability

Search “climate change and insurance” on the internet, and there will be no lack of information on the intersection between global warming and property insurance. It is also not hard to learn about the impact climate change is having on the D&O line of business. However, one area that is overlooked, in relation to climate […]

The Promise of Predictive Models

An innovation strategy around big data and artificial intelligence will uncover insights that allow smart carriers to acquire the most profitable clients and avoid the worst. Companies that develop the best portfolios of risks will ultimately enjoy a flight to quality while those left behind will compete for the scraps of insurability. Insurers are also […]

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