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Chris Curran

Chris Curran

Chris Curran is a principal and chief technologist for PwC’s advisory practice in the U.S. Curran advises senior executives on their most complex and strategic technology issues. With global experience in designing and implementing high-value technology initiatives across industries, his role has been integral to many leading organizations’ being able to anticipate and effectively embrace technological disruption.

A recognized thought leader on the topic of digital innovation, Curran creates tangible value for his clients by using practical approaches for learning about, planning for, implementing and getting value from emerging technologies. He also co-leads PwC’s annual Global Digital IQ Survey, in which more than 1,400 C-level business and technology executives express their beliefs about the role of IT in economic competition.

Curran frequently contributes to a variety of business and industry journals and blogs, including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, Forbes, CFO, CIO Leadership Forum, CIO Insight and BigThink. He regularly speaks on the topic of IT and innovation at industry conferences. He also writes the CIO Dashboard blog, listed among BizTech’s Top 50 Must Read IT Blogs.

He holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Texas A&M University.

Recent Articles by Chris Curran

Winning With Digital Confidence

Today, if there’s a problem with the heat or hot water in your hotel room, you call the front desk and wait for maintenance to arrive. At some chains, you have the option of reporting the issue using a mobile device. But in the near future, many hotel rooms will be wired with connected devices […]

New C-Suite Member: Chief Digital Officer

More than a quarter of the world’s population owns a smartphone. In 2014, global mobile data traffic reached 2.5 billion gigabytes per month, a figure that is 30 times as large as all the traffic on the Internet for the full year 2000. No wonder global companies are moving rapidly to reshape their businesses to […]

3 Ways IT Spending Is Changing

The technological environment in which most businesses operate continues to grow more complex and competitive, at an ever-faster pace. It’s not just the competition from innovative, well-funded start-ups that causes upheaval. It’s also the response within established incumbents as they feel the pressure of digital technology. Three examples follow. • New spending patterns. Budgets are shifting to reflect the […]

The CIO’s 4 Priorities for 2016

If you had the luxury of focusing on one thing in 2016, what would it be? We polled nearly 1,000 Twitter users regarding their perception of the No. 1 resolution that chief information officers (CIOs) should have in 2016. Here’s a list of four areas where respondents feel CIOs should channel their resources in 2016 to […]

The Power of the Right Prototype

I’m a long-time advocate for leveraging prototypes and demos in the enterprise to explore ideas and emerging technologies. And, there’s a particular reason. It’s that precise moment during a prototype presentation when everything in the room changes. Eyes light up. People sit forward in their chairs. The conversation shifts from potential problems to possibilities. Executives […]

The New Year Calls for a New CIO

As we get rolling in 2015, enterprises continue to approach a technology tipping point. According to our Digital IQ survey, 35% to 50% of technology spending is outside of the CIO’s budget. This data raises the question: Is it possible for CIOs to continue to influence how the enterprise is leveraging technology? The short answer is […]

The CIO’s Role in Finding Growth

Savvy chief information and technology officers have always known that IT capabilities could deliver more than efficient, repeatable business practices. Many CIOs and CTOs understand that a well-designed and fully leveraged technology strategy can usher in breakthroughs and competitively disruptive capabilities. With this in mind, CIOs can focus on an important question: How can technology […]

12 Issues Inhibiting the Internet of Things

While the Internet of Things (IoT) accounts for approximately 1.9 billion devices today, it is expected to be more than 9 billion devices by 2018—roughly equal to the number of smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, wearable computers and PCs combined. But, for the IoT to scale beyond early adopters, it must overcome specific challenges within three main categories: technology, privacy/security and […]

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