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Chris Casaleggio

Chris Casaleggio

Chris Casaleggio is a liability and risk management professional, having worked in the personal and commercial markets with insurance carriers and third-party administrators. He has extensive experience as a complex claims adjuster, with technical expertise encompassing all facets of general liability.

Casaleggio currently serves in a consulting role working with over 50 insurance clients around the globe. His work with H2M involves numerous projects within the forensics/cause and origin field, as well as expert testimony. He has received his AIC and AINS designations from The Institutes (CPCU Society) and maintains a Texas property/casualty adjuster license.

Casaleggio is a former writer, having spent time with various newspapers in the greater New York area and frequently contributes his thoughts to the industry on topics such as proper claim handling, customer service and insurtech.

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Insurance carriers and claim professionals deal with various catastrophes each year, so it was only fitting that when COVID-19 struck they were some of the first prepared to revert to “emergency work from home mode.” With many other industries trying to determine how (and if) their workers can take on remote duties, the insurance world led the […]

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