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Charles Dugas

Charles Dugas

Charles Dugas is a principal at Element AI, where he leads the insurance vertical by helping carriers and other insurance market participants develop a strategic vision for AI and implement AI solutions across their organizations.

Dugas holds a B.Sc. in actuarial science, a M.Sc. in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in machine learning with Yoshua Bengio. He has 20 years of experience developing and implementing analytical solutions in financial services, either as an entrepreneur, a professor or manager of analytical teams.

Recent Articles by Charles Dugas

AI in Commercial Underwriting

Today’s underwriters have more variables to contend with, more submissions, more competition and more data of all kinds to deal with than ever before. That’s why more and more insurance firms are deploying AI in commercial underwriting. Machine learning (ML) and AI are incredibly well suited for helping to deal with the masses of data […]

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