Chad Gray

Chad Gray

Chad Gray has been a clinical practitioner for two decades and is a widely recognized entrepreneur, health-benefit design consultant and concierge practitioner, focused on groundbreaking innovations in musculoskeletal triage, health care and self-care. He is a thought and practice leader in group health, workers’ compensation and disability outcomes optimization, and he has a proven track record of performance improvements in health benefits design, clinical residency programs, employer-based clinics, primary care practices, orthopedic triage facilities, sub-acute rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities and physical therapy clinics.

Gray graduated from Florida A&M University in 1994, earned a mechanical diagnosis and therapy credential from the McKenzie Institute International in 2002, served on the board of McKenzie Institute U.S.A. and has taught accountable community development to hundreds of STEM researchers, human capital consultants, insurance brokers, benefit program directors and clinicians.

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Misconception That Leads to Opioids

No physician wants to create an addicted patient. In almost all cases, they simply want to mitigate patients’ pain. Good intentions with a bad strategy. The breakdown in the system stems from a poor understanding of pain and how to diagnose and classify it correctly. In effect, you have to match the treatment to the […]

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