Cedric Kovacs-Johnson

Cedric Kovacs-Johnson

Cedric Kovacs-Johnson founded Flume Health in 2018 after seeing his little sister prepare for brain surgery to help her epilepsy. He and his family were encumbered with misinformation, mystery costs and an insurance company (BCBS) that called the shots with zero transparency.

Flume Health helps employers make their health plans more affordable and easier to use, working with self-insured companies as their health administrator (TPA), replacing the incumbent insurance carrier. Flume is reinventing what it means to have health insurance – from the app that members use to find a doctor, to the payments happening in the background.

He previously founded Spectrom 3D, a company that created the first patented full color desktop 3D printer. The invention won national awards, including the Collegiate Inventors Competition, and debuted at CES 2015. Spectrom was acquired by Makerbot in 2015, when Kovacs-Johnson was 22.

He has a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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