Byron Acohido

Byron Acohido

Byron Acohido is a business journalist who has been writing about cybersecurity and privacy since 2004, and currently blogs at

Earlier in his career, as a technology reporter at USA Today, Acohido chronicled the rise of cybercrime and the demise of personal privacy, earning numerous national journalism awards. He is the lead author of “Zero Day Threat: The Shocking Truth of How Banks and Credit Bureaus Help Cyber Crooks Steal Your Money and Identity,” which received the 2009 NYSSCPA Excellence in Financial Journalism Award for general audience books.

While at the Seattle Times earlier in his career, Acohido was awarded the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting and 11 other national awards for investigative stories disclosing a catastrophic design flaw in the rudder controls of Boeing 737s that precipitated two air disasters. Boeing subsequently redesigned the 737 rudder.

Recent Articles by Byron Acohido

Cybersecurity Holes in Connected Cars

The photo was jarring. A Jeep Cherokee stalled in a ditch after hackers remotely disabled its brakes. No one was hurt. The experiment in St. Louis was a coordinated hack designed and carried out by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, security researchers at Uber’s Pittsburgh-based Advanced Technologies Center. Miller and Valasek sought to prove a point […]

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