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Brian Klepper

Brian Klepper is principal of Healthcare Performance, principal of Worksite Health Advisors and a nationally prominent healthcare analyst and commentator. He is a former CEO of the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH), an association representing about 5,000 employers and unions and some 35 million people. He is also a former principal of a worksite clinic/medical management firm and speaks and writes extensively on high-performance healthcare, clinics and the management of clinical and financial risk.

Dr. Klepper has been involved in several transformative healthcare efforts favoring patient and healthcare purchaser interests. In 2009, his testimony to an HHS panel resulted in the revocation of an industry group’s monopoly on Health Information Technology certification. In 2010-2013, he spearheaded the national effort, culminating in lawsuits against CMS and HHS, to expose the AMA’s RBRVS Update Committee’s role in distorting U.S. healthcare‘s care patterns and cost. With Vidar Jorgensen, chair of the World Health Care Congress, he is spearheading the Health Value Awards, a program to identify, validate, celebrate and promote true high-performance healthcare programming.

He is a regular contributor to the healthcare trade press, is a reviewer for the journals Health Affairs, The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management and The American Journal of Managed Care and is an adviser to several healthcare firms and foundations. A purchaser advocate, he has focused on the market and policy dynamics of the healthcare cost crisis and readily available solutions to purchasers willing to approach the problem laterally. The George Washington University Masters in Health Administration Program ranked Klepper’s writing, archived at Care & Cost, the top 2016 blog by a healthcare professional. Feedspot named it a 2017 top 100 healthcare blog.

Recent Articles by Brian Klepper

Walmart May Redefine Primary Care

When Catalyst for Payment Reform hosted a webinar that provided a glimpse into Walmart’s healthcare strategy and management plans, Lisa Woods, senior director of U.S. benefits, talked about a new program to simplify and improve healthcare, particularly primary care, for Walmart’s million-plus associates and their families. She alluded to Walmart’s well established and continuously expanding Centers of Excellence (COE) […]

North Carolina’s Battle for Healthcare Value

In North Carolina, a storm is brewing that highlights the healthcare industry’s influence and stranglehold over public dollars. An experienced civic-minded reformer with clout has emerged. Dale Folwell is a certified public accountant who served four terms as a Republican in the NC House of Representatives and was elected speaker pro tempore. Now state treasurer, […]

Whiff of Market-Based Healthcare Change?

Tuesday’s announcement about Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan (A/BH/JPM) was short on details. The three mega-firms will form an independent company that develops solutions, first, for their own companies’ health plans and then, almost certainly, for the larger health care marketplace. But the news reverberated throughout the healthcare industry as thoroughly as any in recent memory. Healthcare organizations were shaken. Bloomberg […]

Employee Benefits: Themes for 2018

Here are the themes I am seeing most often in health and welfare benefits: Theme: Financial Wellness – Americans are struggling to get ahead, and the middle class is declining. Successful retirement and wealth planning for many people is a simple act of good accounting decisions multiplied over many years. Instant gratification has eroded good decision-making, and […]

‘High-Performance’ Health Innovators

A particularly pernicious American healthcare myth holds that costs are out of anyone’s control. Health plans and benefits consultants often convince organizational purchasers that costs simply are what they are — and that no better alternatives exist. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there’s reason to believe that a new crop of […]

High-Performance Healthcare Solutions

Benefits managers who rely on their health plans to keep costs down are bound to be disappointed. Despite health plans’ protests to the contrary, paying them a percentage of total expenditures is an incentive to make healthcare cost more, not less. The largest insurance companies have been among the market’s most profitable performers, with almost […]

A Caribbean Hospital: Healthcare’s Solution?

Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI) is a three-year-old, 104-bed Caribbean hospital outpost of the Bangalore, India-based Narayana Health System. Just an hour’s flight from Miami, its island location is comfortably familiar to Americans, is English-speaking and is modern. Specializing in complicated or severe conditions, HCCI has developed care and business models that are so focused […]

Using Strong Carrots And Sticks To Drive Health Care That Works

On a recent call with a large manufacturer, my company's team expected to describe how we develop primary care medical homes that become platforms for managing comprehensive health care clinical and financial risk. But the team on the other end of the phone beat us to it. Their remarks — that health care cost is […]

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