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Brian Fechtel

Brian Fechtel

Brian Fechtel is the founder of Breadwinners’ Insurance and the recipient of the 2012 National Underwriters Award for Regulatory Advocacy. He is a chartered financial analyst and life insurance agent with 25+ years experience. He is known for providing exceptional advice, value, products, and service to clients all across America.

Recent Articles by Brian Fechtel

Bringing Clarity to Life Insurance

Just as all mortgage lenders make sure every homeowner has fire insurance before approving any loan and all new car buyers make sure their auto policy covers their purchase before they drive it off the dealer’s lot, almost everyone acknowledges that protecting against catastrophes is a financial planner’s paramount obligation—if not the first imperative. Life insurance assessments […]

An Open Letter to Federal Regulators

I welcome and applaud the federal government’s interest in the regulation of our nation’s insurance industries and markets. In response to the Federal Insurance Office’s request for comments on the “gaps” in state regulation, I appreciate this opportunity to present my views. Indeed, your request, Director McRaith, for comments upon such “gaps” seems to reveal […]

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