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Brent Williams

Brent Williams

Brent Williams is the founder and CEO of an insurtech company called Benekiva.

His mission is to provide disruption in the insurance industry with a “beneficiary first” mindset and digital transformation technology.

Recent Articles by Brent Williams

So, You Want to Work With Insurtechs?

Step 1 — Decide on the specific problems you are trying to solve within your organization. Carriers have a unique opportunity during this time of insurtechs. There are many great insurtechs out there that are solving problems for the industry. However, for a carrier to take true advantage of this opportunity, it first needs to […]

Managing Remote Employees With Trust

How do you manage employees when they are all remote? I agree with an inspirational business leader, Marcus Lemonis. There are three things that make your company successful. They are: People Product Processes Let’s talk about people. I believe the most important of the three is people. Good people can fix processes. Good people can […]

3.5 Ways to Deliver Happiness in Claims

Point 1 – Realize that the claims process is a customer experience. Have you ever gone through the claims process for a life insurance policy? As a former adviser, I have helped people navigate the claims process for many companies, and none was a great customer experience. Most of the time, we were having to […]

3.5 Things to Know on Claims (Part 3.5)

In the first three articles we talked about the claims process being a customer experience issue. (You can find them here.) We discussed how this process could be less expensive. We also gave some thoughts about how this process could actually generate revenue for the company. We asked you to image yourself being a financial […]

3.5 Things to Know About Claims (Part 3)

Part 3 – Your claims process can become a revenue driver for your products! In our first two installments, which you can find here and here, we discussed that your claims process is a customer experience issue and that a company can reduce expenses within the claims process. This article is going to ask you […]

3.5 Things to Know About Claims (Part 2)

Part 2 – You CAN reduce your claims expenses and improve the customer experience. In Part 1, we looked at how your claims processes and systems are a customer experience issue. This time, I will dive into the fact that you can reduce your claims expenses while improving the customer experience. A recent article in A.M. […]

3.5 Things to Know About Claims Systems

Part 1 – Your claims process and systems are a customer-experience issue. What is the most important task of a life insurance company? There are many answers to this question. It all depends on your role or paradigm of the company. When you break it all down, I believe there is one task that is […]

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