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Brand Newland

Brand Newland

Brand Newland, PharmD, MBA, is CEO and cofounder of Goldfinch Health.

Seeing the pitfalls of surgery first-hand and finding a lack of real solutions to the opioid crisis, Newland sought out new ways to approach both. Together with cofounder and COO John Greenwood, he feverishly worked to bring to life a higher standard of care in surgery and recovery, founding Goldfinch Health in 2018.

Recent Articles by Brand Newland

Optimizing Surgical Outcomes

Introduction Does the word “surgery” make you cringe as you consider the negative thoughts associated with the realities of surgical procedures?¬†Despite advances in modern medicine, being on the receiving end of surgery is not without significant risk. This is why the concept of informed consent is embedded in every medical consent form patients are required […]

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