Bram Spector

Bram Spector

Bram is a Managing Director and heath actuary, in Deloitte Consulting’s Insurance practice, focused on the Group, Voluntary, and Worksite sector. He is passionate about bringing the science back to actuarial science, and improving client’s analytical capabilities by unlocking the power of existing and emerging data, and creating tools that translate data into action.

Bram works with his clients to enable greater growth and profitability by improving core processes in pricing and underwriting, claims management, and expense management, through the application of advanced actuarial and analytical modeling techniques. He also has broad experience with product development and design, financial reporting and valuation, actuarial modernization and finance transformation, mergers and acquisitions, strategy, and various other actuarial services. Bram co-developed Deloitte’s Advanced Analytics solution for Group Insurance Underwriting, and leads Deloitte’s Group Insurance Benchmarking offerings, which clients rate as top in the industry. Prior to joining Deloitte, Bram began his career as an actuary at CNA Insurance.

He is active in the Society of Actuaries and the American Academy of Actuaries, regularly volunteering, contributing to research projects, speaking at conferences and forums, and mentoring aspiring actuaries. Bram is a graduate of Northwestern University.

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