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Brad Barron became involved in the health insurance and reinsurance industries in 1983 and was active in the procurement of reinsurance treaties and insurance carrier capacity for third-party distributors, as well as the development and distribution of specialty insurance products. In 1986, in addition to his insurance-related duties, he founded CLC as a manufacturer of various types of legal and financial benefit programs. By 1992, the building and managing of CLC became his sole business focus.

CLC’s programs have become the legal, identity-protection and financial assistance component for approximately 150 employee-assistance programs and their more than 15,000 employer groups. Through these relationships, nearly 20,000 people each month are accessing CLC’s programs, which are available to more than 25 million employees throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. In 2002, Barron led the company through the acquisition of a technology vendor that has enabled CLC to better manage its ever-expanding network of more than 8,000 independent law firms. Today, this technology has become the platform that enables CLC’s customers to experience a lasting positive impact in their financial lives through the My Secure Advantage (MSA) one-on-one money-coaching and financial wellness program. The MSA program possesses the distinction of a multidimensional learning format to appeal to the different learning styles of American adults.

Barron serves on the advisory council for the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation, the leading nonprofit devoted to bringing financial literacy to the workplace, and on the board of directors for Bayside Church, in Granite Bay, CA.

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Credit Reports Are Just the Beginning

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A Holistic Approach to ID Protection

The devastation resulting from identity theft correlates with the fact that it infiltrates every part of a victim’s life: robbing them of time, privacy and money; possibly requiring both legal and financial action; and affecting victims mentally, physically and emotionally. When someone becomes a victim, so many facets take the toll that victims need a […]

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Employee wellness programs no longer just mean healthy office potlucks, pedometers and stress balls. These days, more companies are rolling out wellness programs focusing on the financial health of their employees. The change in tack comes as American workers are struggling to keep their financial houses in order. Companies are acting because financially stressed workers can […]

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