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Bob VandePol

Bob VandePol

Bob VandePol serves as executive director of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services’ Employee Assistance and Church Assistance Programs. In this role, he leverages behavioral health expertise and resources to support the organizational, human resource and membership objectives of businesses and churches.

Previously, VandePol helped to grow Crisis Care Network from a startup to the world’s largest provider of critical incident response services to the workplace.

Recent Articles by Bob VandePol

How to Lead After a Death by Suicide

Suicide breaks all the rules. Consider the vigilant life-long efforts people make to grow and flourish. Remember the countless reminders received from parents, educators, medical professionals, and other caretakers to remain safe and healthy. Measure the perpetual efforts made to build toward a successful life. Remember the desperation when presented by a threat to life […]

How to Communicate Following a Suicide

More than 50 research studies worldwide have found that certain types of news coverage regarding a death by suicide can increase the likelihood of additional suicide deaths in vulnerable individuals. The magnitude of the increase is related to the amount, duration and prominence of coverage. Business leaders can learn from these media studies and shape […]

10 Steps for Dealing With a Suicide

(Adapted from A Manager’s Guide to Suicide Postvention in the Workplace: 10 Action Steps for Dealing With the Aftermath of a Suicide) Death jars our concept of the way life is supposed to be. That dissonance is multiplied when the death is by suicide. Following the tragedy of death by suicide, the workforce will include […]

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