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Bill Unrue

Bill Unrue

Bill Unrue is the CEO of Ensight and has been with the company since 2014.

Prior to Ensight, Unrue was a leader in the San Diego venture capital community with Tech Coast Angels, acting as an investor, board member and adviser for several businesses in the cyber security, consumer product and communications technology sectors.

As CEO of Anonymizer (from 2000-2011), Unrue led the firm in the cyber security sector, providing subscription services to the U.S. government and large enterprise customers for online covert communications and non-attribution/identity services for cyber operations against opponents such as foreign opponents, terrorists and hackers.

Recent Articles by Bill Unrue

1 Million Digital Life Presentations

Ensight has surpassed one million digital sales presentations for life and annuity wholesalers, financial advisers and agents. What have we learned? Our learnings fall into five broad areas. Whether you are an insurance carrier, BGA, FMO, insurance agency or producer, these lessons are key for the decade ahead. Millennials are starving for life and annuity […]

Life Insurance Is Ripe for Change in 2021

While the repercussions of the pandemic and subsequent economic paralysis touched many industries, changes within the life insurance sector are among the most widespread. Some changes were underway prior to the events of 2020, yet the pandemic and its economic consequences accelerated an industry-wide transformation. Regardless, life insurance is shaping up to look vastly different […]

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