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Bernie Hauder

Bernie Hauder

Bernie Hauder and Adkerson Hauder & Bezney, PC have, for more than 26 years, continuously represented and provided advice and counsel to ERISA plans and employers who have chosen to provide their employees work-injury protection/benefits.

They have extensive experience representing clients in state and federal trial and appellate courts and in mediation and arbitration proceedings throughout Texas.

Their goal is to obtain the best possible result for their clients in the most cost-efficient manner. Working closely with their clients, they develop a strategy to achieve their goals. They believe that an aggressive, innovative and results-oriented approach to dispute resolution is in the client’s best interest and brings about the resolution of matters more quickly and efficiently.

Recent Articles by Bernie Hauder

New Regulations for Disability Claims

In December 2016, the Department of Labor issued final regulations under ERISA governing claims procedures for group disability plans, which became effective Jan. 1, 2018. The new regulations govern employee benefit plans subject to ERISA that offer disability benefits, not just disability plans. ERISA plans must strictly comply with the new regulations for all claims […]

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