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Bernard Rosauer

Bernard Rosauer

Bernard Rosauer began working as president of the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau in 2010 and is responsible for overall bureau functions. He has 26 years of property and casualty insurance industry experience working with both public and mutual insurance companies. He also worked as a business consultant with a focus on business culture and customer loyalty. 

Rosauer graduated from North Park University in Chicago with a bachelors of arts degree in business administration in 1987 and has completed several executive education courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is available for keynote speaking and executive roundtables.

Recent Articles by Bernard Rosauer

‘War for Talent’ Is Not Necessary

Everyone is talking about the war for talent. Must there be a war? Or can your organization accomplish what it wants to (needs to) by fighting the battle for retention quietly, within its own borders? There’s only so much a company can manufacture with its brand to catch the attention of top talent. Smart candidates […]

Is It Time for Un-Change Management?

Pull back on the reins for a moment and come to a complete stop. What do you see behind you? Probably a wake of both straight and winding roads… some intact, some obliterated, most somewhere in between. You probably see customers satisfied and dissatisfied at a number of different levels. Same with employees. Now look […]

Reputational Risk Management Using the Three Bell Curves

Incremental reputational risk, if not managed correctly, can chip away at a company’s brand for years and eventually result in lower sales and lower retention of customers. Most risk management initiatives we hear about are “outside-in” approaches.  Managing the Three Bell Curves proposes an “inside-out” method that builds an organizational culture where reputational risk management […]

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