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Barak Bercovitz

Barak Bercovitz

Barak Bercovitz co-founded Atidot following a 10-year career as an R&D technological leader in an elite intelligence unit of the Israeli Army. Bercovitz was responsible for initiating and leading various projects in his unit with a focus on software development, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. One of these projects was the winner of the prestigious Israel Security Prize, awarded for the most exceptional technological breakthroughs.

Upon completion of his Army service, Bercovitz spent four years freelancing for companies including Intel and Texas Instruments, where he focused on reliable software development before co-founding Atidot.

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Insurance is rooted in data innovation. Wide swaths of modern statistics and probability were first devised to accurately price, predict and manage risk. But insurance’s pioneering position has faltered in recent years. While today’s economy is ablaze with revolutionary advancements in big data and computation, the insurance industry has been uneven in its adoption and […]

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