Atul Vohra

Atul Vohra

Atul Vohra has been chief marketing officer and regional managing director at Solera Holding since 2011. He positions the company for the future through building the Solera brand and leveraging corporate communications and marketing globally. He helps build the businesses in Canada, India and Australia. The region is growing rapidly on a foundation of strong local leadership, excellent customer relationships and continuing data and software advances.

He previously was responsible for driving rapid, profitable innovation through a culture and pipeline of product extensions and new platforms. He also managed global data development centers in seven countries and ran the platform and IT operations for 20 countries.

Prior to Solera Holding, Vohra worked as vice president of marketing at Dell Services for almost two years, positioning the the new Dell Services business by building on the IT Services franchise of Perot Systems and the power of the Dell brand. Vohra also created a global high-potential program for the 3,000-plus people in the marketing community across Dell.

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