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Asheesh Mehra

Asheesh Mehra

Asheesh Mehra is co-founder and group CEO for AntWorks, which has successfully deployed integrated automation solutions in insurance across claims, commercial, employee benefits, life and more — across all regions in multiple languages. AntWorks offers the unique ability to combine capture, extract and interpret complex information and employ ML to make data usable and improve over time.

Recent Articles by Asheesh Mehra

Keys to ‘Intelligent Automation’

With new technologies and evolving customer expectations driving rapid change in the insurance sector, research suggests that more than 65% of insurance carriers will adopt at least limited automation by 2024. But, today, the insurance sector largely relies on multiple layers of manual processes that make customers wait while employees try to make sense of […]

What’s Beyond Robotic Process Automation

The insurance industry, which relies heavily on repeatable processes, is embracing robotic process automation (RPA). Gartner projects that global RPA software spending will reach $2.4 billion in 2022. But organizations need to understand that RPA is a primitive technology. And it represents only a small part of what’s needed to scale and enable straight-through processing. […]

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