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Ari Vared

Ari Vared

Ari Vared is the senior director of product at CyberPolicy, a subsidiary of CoverHound, providing small businesses with the cybersecurity advice, tools and insights they need to protect their data, operations and reputation. CyberPolicy is the world’s only comparison site for cyber insurance, helping companies plan, prevent and insure against today’s modern threats.

Vared has spent more than a decade helping small businesses sharpen their product, strategy and operations to increase growth and partnership opportunities. His passion for SMBs and expertise in cybersecurity and cyber insurance enable him to provide comprehensive insights for SMBs that are often underserved and most vulnerable to data breaches and cyber attacks.

Recent Articles by Ari Vared

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Large organizations have long understood the intrinsic value of customer data. Using it to formulate and execute on key business decisions, enterprises can better meet customer demand, anticipate a buyer’s propensity to purchase and stay ahead of savvy competitors. Because of the substantial amounts of resources required to successfully leverage customer data, and considering its […]

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