Arach Tchoupani

Arach Tchoupani

Arach Tchoupani is co-founder and CTO of Breathe Life.

With over 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur and CTO, Tchoupani has helped lead the scaling of various startups. Having played a key role in multiple successes in New York, most notably Lot18 and, Tchoupani moved back to Montreal to find his next adventure.

He is passionate about scaling diverse and multi-disciplined technical teams who adhere to the agile methodology and are constantly iterating.

Recent Articles by Arach Tchoupani

Lasting Impact of Plaid’s Innovation

Six months ago, Visa acquired Plaid for a cool $5.5 billion, instantly making the fintech company a legend among technology startups – and its founders, investors and early employees very rich. While the money is fun to consider, it’s not my key takeaway about Plaid, whose software provides the plumbing that lets startups connect to […]

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