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Anup Madampath

Anup Madampath

Anup Madampath is a director with PwC’s Advisory services and has more than 10 years of experience in the insurance industry. Madampath is a leader in Insurance PM&C Practice who has led several large transformation initiatives from strategy through execution.

His experience also includes insurance operations, project management office, pre-merger due diligence, business process management (BPM), IT strategy and large-scale transformations.

Recent Articles by Anup Madampath

Why You Need Happy Producers (Part 2)

In our previous post, we addressed the reasons for transforming producer management and compensation processes. In this post, we will cover key considerations when planning a transformation. The transformation process begins with defining a clear and comprehensive compensation strategy to confirm the key functions of producer lifecycle and compensation management. Licensing, reporting hierarchies, contracting, commissions […]

Happy Producers, Happy Customers

Producer management and compensation is an essential downstream process and a critical component of the insurance value chain. It is in place before a policy is even sold and extends all the way into billing and claims. It occupies a unique place in insurance organizations, connecting data, processes and people in distribution, marketing, actuarial, operations, […]

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