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Ann Myhr

Ann Myhr

Ann Myhr is senior director of Knowledge Resources for the Institutes, which she joined in 2000. Her responsibilities include providing subject matter expertise on educational content for the Institutes’ products and services.

She publicly represents the Institutes through industry presentations on current topics and insurance issues at national educational events and publishes articles in international trade publications and journals. In addition, her work involves revision and creation of Institute curriculum and making author contributions to re-shape the future of program initiatives.

She is a graduate of Rosemont College, Rosemont, Pa., where she earned a B.S. degree in management and an M.S. in management. She has earned the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation from the American Institute for CPCU and the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation, the Associate in Underwriting (AU) designation, the Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance (ASLI) and the Associate in Management (AIM) designation from the Insurance Institute of America.

Recent Articles by Ann Myhr

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“Your business is as smart as the sum of your team’s education.” Anyone who’s been with an organization for a few years or has ever led a group understands the wisdom of that statement. Thought leaders, innovators and visionaries can drive an organization to new heights, but creating a culture where learning permeates every level […]

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Here’s a chilling stat: For every two producers you hire, only one will pan out. According to a well-referenced study by Reagan Consulting, just over half of new agents and brokers are successful. The other 44% wash out before they can be of value to the organization. The picture gets even more ominous when you […]

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The Benefits of Flipped Classrooms

Picture this scenario: For an hour, you have the undivided attention of an expert in your field with years of experience directly relevant to your current job and your career. How would you spend that time with the expert? Specific answers will vary, but chances are that watching a PowerPoint presentation or reading from a […]

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Here’s a quick experiment: Think of what you ate for dinner last night. Not too difficult, right? Now think of what you ate for dinner exactly 15 days ago. Chances are you have a harder time coming up with it, if you can remember at all. Unfortunately, the same concept applies for a lot of […]

3 Ways to Keep Training Fresh

A quick Google search returns countless articles and resources on the topic of keeping employees engaged in corporate training initiatives. But what about keeping trainers engaged? For trainers, staying fresh on an insurance industry topic they’ve covered in dozens of past sessions is a regular struggle. It’s easy for them to fall into a rut […]

9 Tips for Attending Conferences

There are a lot of good reasons to attend an insurance industry conference: high-profile keynote speakers, in-depth educational sessions on emerging industry issues, exhibitors showcasing their products and networking opportunities galore. Those reasons are why as many as 40 million people attend industry conferences every year, according to Conference Hound. The conference/event industry is only […]

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No matter how successful you are, at some point, you’ll hit a career plateau — the point at which the chance of progressing at work diminishes and personal satisfaction plummets. In some cases, this means fewer opportunities for a promotion. Or maybe you’re just not feeling as challenged as you once were. Whatever the cause, career […]

How to Find, Keep Good Service Reps

The best customer service representatives (CSRs) are a rare breed. Not only do the best understand the technical details, but they also have well-developed soft skills, including communication savvy, and grit. Because let’s face it, CSRs take their fair share of abuse. It’s not easy talking with customers all day, especially when those customers are […]

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