Anne Rappa

Anne Rappa

Anne Rappa has more than 23 years’ experience in the fine art insurance field in representing large and complex museum, commercial and private and corporate collection risks. She has both specialty fine art insurance as well as a general insurance background.

At Huntington T. Block, Rappa provides creative and responsive service to clients under her responsibility. Rappa’s clients consist of private and corporate collectors, museums and large and mid-sized commercial fine art accounts, including auction houses, art galleries and living artists and foundations.

Recent Articles by Anne Rappa

Art Fraud and Risk Management

We are all aware of numerous, infamous attempts to defraud galleries with forged paintings. We attend conferences and pay attention to this sort of a story because it is remarkable to think that anyone could trust, and breach trust, to that magnitude. Sadly, it happens every day. Every day, there is a crate of an […]

Risk Exposed to Your Art Business

From the day a business opens its doors, it is exposed to a variety of risks. Owning an art business is no different. The first thing any owner should do is make sure to have sufficient insurance in place to provide financial protection. For those invested in their art inventory or art-related risk exposure, it […]

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