Ann Dieleman

Ann Dieleman

Ann Dieleman is the executive director of PIMA. She is an active member of the insurtech community and has 20-plus years of executive leadership working with startups, small businesses and the Fortune 100.

Dieleman is also the founder of an advisory firm that works with first-time CEOs and executives to grow and sustain profitable businesses.

Recent Articles by Ann Dieleman

Navigating Confusing Insurance Regulations

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused turmoil for insurance. To aid consumers as unemployment and uncertainty spiked, state regulators around the country issued emergency protection measures to extend grace periods for premium nonpayments, prohibit policy cancellations during states of emergency, extend premium repayment timelines and offer leniency to insured individuals hit by COVID-19, among other changes. […]

3 Keys to Better Collaboration

The insurance industry is facing a flurry of challenges as consumer needs and expectations evolve with a new age. Although collaboration isn’t always common practice in the industry, it’s time that teams learn to work together. Collaboration Is Key Insurance companies are beset by three major challenges that demand collaboration. First, consumers themselves are emerging […]

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